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Nothing With Blue Logic // Dario Bianki


Dario BianKi is a DJ Producer that has been going all around the world for many years playing music by his own original ideas and with great passion.

Everything started when he was a kid and fell in love with vinyl. His way into the music world began exactly at that moment. His need to create always something new, to experiment with new ways to approach music, has never left him.

Today’s music world and DJ's world has changed a lot: there are no heavy bags to carry for a gig, everything is on a USB support. Digital music files are a modern, lightweight and minimal way to live music.

For this reason, he decided to put the same features on his own productions: very few sounds carefully are chosen. A clear direction, conceptual but also practical.

That’s why he has chosen the minimal world as his home. Minimal tunes but with high bpm, something like Detroit Techno. No uproar but strong grooves and occasionally sweet melodies. Songs are suitable for movies too.

Title tracks are suggested by the atmosphere that each song brings about.

His living Ibiza scene through the years has helped him to develop these feelings.

This is the essence of his WasteMusicBusters label and his GoOn movement.


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